The Morning Show with April

Spend your mornings with April Zwicker for the latest weather, news, and what’s going on in your community…but most importantly today’s best country!

Q & A with April

First album you bought?
Tracy Lawrence… I think!

You get to invite 3 people dead or alive to dinner. Who do you invite?
I could go for some famous people, but I’d rather see my 3 grandparents I lost when I was a kid.

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Weird, soft hearted, funny (oops, that’s 4!)

Celebrity Crush?
George Strait, he’s too old for me, but you can’t help but love him

Who do you admire the most?
My Mom

Favourite TV Show of all time?
Gilmore Girls

One superpower you would want?
Healer of any illness