Drop The Plow 2022

Fill out the online form, mail, or drop off your guess when you think the AVR Snow Plow truck driven by William Milligan Snow & Ice Removal will “hit the hill” at our AVR studio at 29 Oakdene Avenue in Kentville for the first time this winter season!

The closest guess following the plow drop will win a Christmas Stocking worth over one thousand dollars that is filled with:

$300 in home heating oil from Sullivan Fuels;
$250 dollar gift certificate from Brant Plumbing, Heat and Air;
$250 dollar gift certificate from Fraser’s Pro Home Centres
$250 gift certificate from Elite Auto and Glass,
plus other great gifts from AVR

  • Enter your Drop the Plow guess below

    When do you think the plow will drop for the first time this season? *Don't forget to read our rules & regulations so your guess will be valid!



Listeners must submit in their guess the day and exact time, including hours, minutes, and seconds. The lucky listener whose guess following the plow drop that is the closest will win $250 in home heating oil from Fuel for Less, a $250 gift certificate from Frasers Pro Home Center, a gift certificate for $250 towards tires from On the Hoist Service Centre, a gift certificate for $250 gift certificate toward cleaning and inspection of your heat pump from Brant Plumbing Heat and Air. Prizes must be accepted as awarded.

– The 29 Oakdene Ave driveway is plowed by our contractor William Milligan Snow & Ice Removal.

– Guesses submitted must be at least 24 hours into the future.

– Each guess must include a specific day, specific time, down to the second, and include and year, or your entry will be disqualified.
*Please note that it’s in 24 hour time, no AM or PM required.

– The person with the closest time following the plow dropping will be the winner
(example: if someone guessed 8:58a.m. and someone else guessed 9:02a.m., and the plow dropped at 9:00a.m., the person who guessed 9:02a.m. would be the winner).

– One guess per IP address per day.

– Cannot guess multiple times for the same date.

– In case of a tie, the entry that was received first will be the winner.

– You must be 19 or older to play this contest.

– Regular general contest rules apply as well as employees and immediate family members of this station, the sponsor(s), and the plow company may NOT be eligible to enter.

– AVR management will be on hand to officially log the time the plow drops and the decision of the AVR management is final.

– Please be sure to include your first and last name, contact number, and email address in your submission.

– If contest rules are not followed you will be disqualified from the contest.

*Home heating oil will only be delivered within the regular distribution area.

*You must be at least 18 years old to buy fireworks, and anyone under 18 who uses fireworks must be supervised by an adult.