January 7, 2021 | by: aprilzwicker

Top Canadian Baby Names in 2020

Do you know any children born last year with any of these names? Maybe your own if you welcomed a little one during a year we’re not likely to forget anytime soon!

The results are in! Here are the MOST POPULAR BABY NAMES used in Canada in 2020:

1. Liam                                  1. Olivia 
2. Jackson                             2. Emma 
3. Noah                                  3. Mia 
4. Lucas                                 4. Sophia
5. Oliver                                5. Zoey
6. Grayson                            6. Charlotte 
7. Leo                                     7. Amelia 
8. Jack                                   8. Aria 
9. Benjamin                          9. Mila 
10. William                           10. Hannah

*Liam is spending its 2nd year at #1, while Olivia was in 2nd place last year, now leading the pack!

If you’re expecting a baby this year, and you want that child to have a unique name, you may want to stay away from these lists!