June 29, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Things You Can Do With A Can Of Coke!

Coco-cola isn’t just for drinking on a HOT summer day!  You can use it for other things!  Check it out!

➢ Kill garden pests:  To get rid of plant-munching slugs and snails, pour a small bowl of Coca-Cola and place it near your garden or flowerbeds. The smell will attract them, and the drink’s acidity will kill them.
➢ Defrost your windshield:  Pour Coke liberally across your windshield and wait about a minute. The ice should turn to slush for easy removal.
➢ Clean pans:  For any pan with a burnt-on mess, pour in a can of Coke and simmer.
➢ Loosen rusty bolts:  Unscrew the bolt half-turn and pour on Coca-Cola. Let it sit, then wipe.
➢ Feed plants:  Particularly with azaleas and gardenias, adding a small amount of Coca-Cola to the soil can deliver nutrients your plant may be low on.
➢ Cooking:  It can be used to tenderize pot roast, or mixed with ketchup or BBQ sauce for a wonderful sweet glaze.
➢ Remove gum from hair:  Dip the gum into a small bowl of Coke and let it sit for a few minutes. The cola breaks down the gum, allowing you to wipe it off.
➢ Clean the toilet:  Pour Coca-Cola all around the bowl and let it sit. There’s no need to scrub, just flush, and your toilet should be sparkling clean.