September 8, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Stuff You Should Get Rid Of OR Donate!

Feeling like doing a purge as we head into Fall? Here are some things to chuck!

⇒ Outgrown and unworn clothes:  If those jeans haven’t fit since high school, and that sweater is even too ugly for an ugly Christmas sweater party, throw it out.
⇒ Broken jewelry:  Throw out or donate any costume jewelry that isn’t being used, and throw out broken necklaces or earrings that have no worth. Broken pieces that are valuable can be sold at many jewelry stores.
⇒ Expired cosmetics:  The old stuff has a plethora of bacteria, mold and yeast. Toss mascara after 3 months, liquid foundation after 6, and lipstick after 2 years.
⇒ Wire hangers:  Replacing them with sturdy plastic or wood ones will freshen up your closet space. They’re better for your clothes too.
⇒ Old shoes:  Old smelly shoes cluttering a closet serve no purpose. Donate the ones that are OK, and trash the rest.
⇒ Expired medication:  Not only is it unsafe, it’s just not that effective. It’s best to find a drug disposal program in your area.
⇒ Games and puzzles with pieces missing:  They’re no good to anybody.
⇒ Movies and books you’ll never use again: Donate ‘em…sell ‘em…or if they’re in poor condition, chuck ‘em!