August 24, 2021 | by: Amanda Misner

Scientific Ways To Lift Your Mood!

Feeling forgetful, confused and a but cranky? Try these . . .
➢ Force yourself to move:  Exercise is very important for your mood as well as your thinking. Even though you may have zero motivation, do it. It burns up the stress hormone, cortisol. Anything is better than nothing.
➢ Have a chat – however you can:  Sick of Zoom calls? We all are. But if you allow yourself to become too isolated, any cognitive issues may become worse. Conversation with those in your household, and video chats both help keep the memory and attention span focused.
➢ If every day feels the same – make them different:  A regular schedule is valuable. But to avoid blurring days, introducing small differences, like changing your walking route daily or a phone call with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while can help break up that repetitive cycle.
➢ Small pleasures:  Lift your mood by introducing some novelty to your life. Rereading a favourite book or watching a beloved movie may be helpful, instead of dwelling on the things you CAN’T do.
➢ Remember: this, too, will end:  Stresses feel worse when they feel like they’re forever. That’s not the case with this. While we don’t know when the end date is — it’s not going to be this restrictive forever.

Source: TheGuardian