August 14, 2020 | by: aprilzwicker

More Benefits to Coffee

Another Benefit to Coffee – and I bet you wouldn’t have guessed this one!

It seems that every week, there is another report about the benefits of drinking coffee. Here’s another…but it has nothing to do with your health! A new study from researchers at a Denmark University has found that a single cup of coffee dramatically enhances our sensitivity to sweetness, and diminishes our sensitivity to bitterness. The researchers found was that although the participants of the study sense of smell was not altered afterward the coffee drinking, their sense of taste was really affected. They became more sensitive to sweetness, and less sensitive to bitterness. The study’s author says that it is probably some of the bitter substances in coffee that create this effect.

The researchers conducted the experiment a second time with decaff coffee and saw the same results, suggesting that caffeine doesn’t play a role in altering taste sensations after drinking coffee.