January 6, 2021 | by: aprilzwicker

Is Your Dog Like You? There’s a Reason for It!

Does your dog act like you? I guess it’s widely known that dogs mimic their owners. I didn’t know that! I got my first ever dog just over 3 years ago…you’d think I would have caught on by now! I do know she thinks she should eat when we do, and goes to bed when we do, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s where the similarities end. Maybe not…

(Me and Millie; chillin’…we’re both pretty good at that!)


According to experts, there are some weird habits that dogs have adopted from their owners:

*They may TALK like you
Which means some dogs like to ‘chat’. If these types of dogs are around owners who like to talk to their dogs, the dog may talk back. (I had a cat who did that all the time – my dog does occasionally!)

*They may SLEEP like you
Meaning they get used to your nighttime schedule. (I wake at 3:30am Monday thru Friday, so I got to bed early. (My dog goes with me, and she’s ready to go to bed early on weekends too, when I may be staying up later!)

*They may get HUNGRY when you do
If you feed your dog around your mealtime, they’ll get hungry around the same time as you do as well. (I can’t go by this…my dog always seems to be hungry!)

*They may share your MOODS
They get excited if you’re excited, but they may also be sad if you’re sad. This is known as ’emotional contagion’; “the phenomenon of shared emotions between social species when in close proximity to one another.” – the words of certified dog and cat behaviorist and trainer Russell Harstein. (I guess I can see this in my dog, although she seems sad when I’m not.)

*They may get EXCITED about the same people that YOU do
It may be because they pick up on your emotions.

For the full list; check out the article here.

Although not all dogs can be painted with the same brush, dogs tend to share behavior with their owners. And as much as you like that your dog want to be like you, it’s important that we don’t condition them to anything that would be bad for their wellbeing (unessentially of course, I would never think you’d do it on purpose).  But, luckily it’s generally a positive thing!