June 18, 2020 | by: aprilzwicker

How to Keep COOL During the Hot Days…and Nights!

Just in time for the arrival of Summer 2020, it’s going to get hot these next couple of days, with highs in the 30’s, and ‘feels like’ temps of close to 40! If it’s not an option to just jump in the car & head to the shore, where it will be cooler (of course)…here are some ways to cool down!

Eat spicy foods – Huh? Okay, here’s why…”hot” foods like cayenne, jalapeño, and habanero peppers get their heat from a certain chemical (capsaicin), which acts as an irritant to us humans, getting us to sweat more, which in turn cools us down.

Sleep under a damp towel or sheet – This will feel extra cool if you have a fan running at the same time.

Set your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise – The blades on your ceiling fan are tilted slightly in order to push air either upwards or downwards. In the summer, you should switch the rotation to counter-clockwise, pushing more wind currents into the room below.

Wet your curtains – I’ve never heard this one!Spritz or soak your curtains, or leave the bottoms sitting in buckets of water. It’s a great way to cool down incoming sunlight or breeze from the outside.

Put a bowl of ice in front of your fan – A DIY air conditioner! A bunch of ice cubes into a metal bowl (or freeze some water straight into the bowl), and set it in front of a running fan.

If you’re in dry heat, drink something hot – This one made me wonder…here’s the reasoning: It’s matter over mind for this trick. There’s a scientific reason why: in a contradicting way, it will help cool you down. Keep in mind that this trick will only works if your sweat can evaporate off of your body.

Build an ice-pack hat – A cold compress to your head can work well in the heat, especially if you’re vulnerable to headaches. Make a headband out of a wet dishrag, then freeze it. You may look a bit silly wearing it, but who cares…you’ll be cool!

Keep your moisturizers in the fridge – A nice cold moisturizer to your face on a hot day will feel so great! And according todermatologist Dr. Shirley Chi, M.D., using a cool moisturizer can reduce puffiness & the appearance of rosacea.

And last, but not least…hang out in a spot with air conditioning (if at all possible) for a few hours a day.


Source: cbc.ca