January 26, 2021 | by: aprilzwicker

Fall Asleep with the ‘Six T’s’

Do you have problems falling asleep? Maybe these tips will help! They come from the bedding brand ‘Snug’, and they’ve analyzed years of research to figure out what we need to do to fall asleep peacefully.

The Six T’s…

*Timing: Most adults need between 6 & 9 hours of sleep a night. Do you get this; I know I don’t!

*Temperature: Your bedroom should be around 17°C . Of course, it depends on the person (I personally like it a bit warmer than that) BUT…it’s harder to fall asleep if you’re too hot, or too cold.

*Technology: We’ve heard this one before! Take time away from your screens before bedtime. It’s best not to use your phone in the 90 minutes before bed.

*Taste-buds: Give them a break before bed, and eat your last meal at least 3 hours before bed. And no coffee either! (for at least 10 hours before trying to go to sleep)

*Tog:  Huh? It stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’, and it’s a measurement of how much a fabric insulates. Changing your bedclothes according to the seasons can help you sleep. (For example: a 4.5 tog is best for warmer nights, 10.5 for in-between seasons, and 13.5 for winter)

*Thank you: As you turn off your light, be thankful for something. Sound corny? Science does show that expressing gratitude satisfies us and helps us rest.

If you do have problems falling asleep, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try something new! Give these 6 tips a chance, see if they work. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed not able to sleep, even if you’re exhausted!

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