January 9, 2020 | by:

EHS Blue Tape Initiative

The Blue Tape Initiative isn’t anything new. But it is something that many are still not aware of. Emergency officials across the region want to make people aware of this program, and how it works. In stormy weather, especially in the winter months, vehicles often get stuck and sometimes left alongside the road until conditions improve. It is a common occurrence for 911 operators to receive multiple calls in regards to the same vehicle. This ties up valuable resources, unnecessarily. What the blue tape initiative does is help prevent this scenario from happening. When emergency responders arrive on the scene of a vehicle that has been left alongside the road, they will check to make sure that there is no one inside, waiting or injured. Once they have cleared the vehicle, they werap it with EHS Blue Tape. This tape lets passers by know that there is no one in the vehicle, and there is no reason to call 911 to report it. Here is more on this from CTV Atlantic.