October 29, 2020 | by: aprilzwicker

Bye Bye Plastic Bags!

On Friday, we say goodbye to bags, as the province enforces their ban on single use plastic bags.

Get your re-usable bags handy, and don’t forget them when you head into stores (like me), because businesses will no longer be able to give you a plastic bag for your items.

Of course, this is all an effort for the environment, encouraging waste reduction, and keeping  plastic out of landfills, and generally just having less plastic in the world. Let’s help make a greener planet!

There are some exceptions to the ban. You can still get plastic bags for:
-bulk items
-food items that aren’t prepackaged
-nails, nut, bolts – small hardware items
-frozen foods, and meats
-protecting tires
and others. See the entire list on the below link from the NS government

Check out these re-usable bag tips from Divert NS!

If you’re a business with an inventory of plastic bags, consider giving them to your local food bank, as they could use them for their clients.

Check out this information from the Government of NS for more info on the plastic bag ban.

This is a great thing for our province, and a step forward for our environment!