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Mike Surette

Guilty Pleasure: I like to drink chocolate milk with a soup spoon and bowl, pretending it’s chocolate soup.

Claim to Fame: I was the arena announcer at all major National and International figure skating competitions held in Canada from 1981 to 2003 where I got to meet and talk with every major star at the time. I got to surprise Elvis Stojko at his last performance as an amateur in Edmonton, Alberta with a prepared video look back at his life. (It’s on youtube).

Dream Job: I already have it. I’ve always wanted to be your host as a morning radio announcer. When I retire (when I’m about 78), I’d like to have a hobby farm and maybe do an old time radio show on the weekend.

Coolest Moment of your Life so Far: The day I proposed to my wife, Jen just before Christmas. She was recovering at home from surgery and was feeling really down in the dumps. I went down to the jewelers to pick up the engagement ring I had on lay-away and came back and proposed to her. (She said YES)! LOL

Favourite Pastime Activity: Volunteer firefighter with Kentville Fire Department (before that I was a firefighter in Summerside, PEI for 17 years)

Celebrity (living or dead) you would like to hang out with: Johnny Cash

Pets: I don’t have any, however, when we buy our hobby farm, we will get a dog.

Words to Live By: “When you see a fork in the road, take it” (Yogi Berra)