Former Kentville resident to appear in court

By MNN. Last updated: 2014-04-19 08:18:58

Trial dates are set for 46 year old Robin Joy Connell, formerly of Kentville, accused of stealing from the Glooscap First Nation.

Connell, who is charged with theft over $5,000 from the Glooscap Variety Store, Gas Bar and Gaming Room in Bishopville has been ordered to appear in a Kentville court for a jury trial between November 3-7.

"Kings County Active Kids, Healthy Kids" initiative gets 25K boost

By MNN. Last updated: 2014-04-19 08:18:13

Children from Kings County will benefit from the "Kings County Active Kids, Healthy Kids" initiative.

$25,000 in financial assistance will help support physical activity programs including a riding camp, Valley Harvest Marathon Kids Fun Run, Valley Minor Football, new equipment for the Berwick Young Naturalists Club and more.

The Active Kids, Healthy Kids committees were established ten years ago to offer kids a wide range of opportunities to have fun and make friends, while developing various skills.

Kentville battles pot-holes

By MNN. Last updated: 2014-04-19 08:17:54

Potholes are an issue across the province and the department of transportation and infrastructure is asking you to report problem potholes by calling 1-888-432-3233.

Provincial crews are filling them now with a temporary patch called 'cold mix'.

According to the mayor of Kentville "A pothole plan is in place."

Dave Corkum says a pothole plan for the town of Kentville is ready, what is needed now is a series of warm dry days.

"When that happens the plan will be rolled out" with Park Street, Main Street and Belcher Street topping the priority list.

Fisher Lake area drowning victims name released

By MNN. Last updated: 2014-04-19 08:17:26

R-C-M-P are releasing the name of the 51-year-old fisherman who drowned after the small boat he was in overturned in the Fisher Lake area.

Police say Cecil Ellsworth Brannen from Cape Sable Island drowned after he fell in the frigid water Tuesday.

Another man was able to swim to shore and call the R-C-M-P.

A preliminary investigation has determined the small vessel struck a rock and the operator lost control, causing it to overturn.

New Minas bites into Frito-Lay anniversary

By MNN. Last updated: 2014-04-19 08:17:03

Frito-Lay Canada in New Minas will be celebrating 60 years in the Valley next month.

The original plant was built in Centreville in 1954 and made potato chips under the Scotties name.

Production moved to the current New Minas location in 1959.

The New Minas factory produces 1,450 kilograms of chips an hour, 75 million bags of chips a year.

Over 150 full time staff and as many as 60 more during peak Christmas and summer seasons produce potato chips for Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Quebec.

ER and medical centre closure report for The Valley

By MNN. Last updated: 2014-04-19 08:16:38

The emergency department at Soldier's Memorial Hospital in Middleton will be closed from 5:00pm Monday to 8:00 Tuesday morning.

The Eastern Kings Memorial health centre will be closed Sunday and Monday.

The Western Kings Memorial health centre will be closed Monday.

Emergency care is available at Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville.

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