November 4, 2019 | by: Brian Symonds

Smart Shopping Carts are COMING

Sobeys is testing a computerized shopping cart that allow customers to scan their groceries and pay for them without having to line up at the checkout. It is called a “Smart Cart”, and it works like a self-checkout on wheels. It has a built-in scale to weigh produce, a scanner plus a screen to show the price total and a card reader for payment. The customer simply scans their groceries, pays, and leaves. Sobeys is hoping that their carts will be able to analyze what a shopper puts in it without the need to scan a barcode. Eventually, the plan is for it to be able to take a customer’s grocery list and plan a route through the store, guiding them to each item using an on-screen map. Or, a customer could choose a recipe and have the cart show them where to find the ingredients.

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