Coldbrook and District Lions Club Outdoor Rink

Stay Off Rink
January 15, 2018 | by: mikesurette

An update on the condition of the rink. Mother Nature has not been kind to us over the weekend. The wind blew major air pockets underneath the plastic as you can see in the picture, and has left some holes in the plastic. This makes the process of fixing the rink and getting it ready for skating much longer than we had hoped. It has to be flooded in layers and let freeze. And then each of the air pockets needs to be released and then that section flooded again. Without any snow we are not able to pack the void where the air pockets are and must wait for the water to fully freeze. As you can imagine it’s a lengthy process. We added a lot of water over the last 12 hours and will begin adding layers again tomorrow morning and tomorrow night in the hopes of getting on the surface to start fixing the air pockets. We know everyone wants to get back on quickly however we’re hoping for a long season so a few extra days of slow-but-steady repair will hopefully get us much more skating time into February. We are very motivated about getting our ice surface back . We hope everybody understands and stays off the ice surface until we’re ready to open it for you to come back again. Stay positive and watch for a future updates later in the week

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